Call In The Spirits

This cocktail is inspired by one of my all-time favourite rides, the Haunted Mansion. Join us as we join with Madam Leota and hold a seance to try and contact the re-gin beyond.

This my friends is basically a gin and tonic, with a special ingredient your soul - 😈


  • 2x Blackberries
  • 2x Mint leaves
  • 1x Lemon juice
  • 2x Gin
  • 1x Simple Syrup


Place a few mint leaves and blackberries into the bottom of a glass (something vintage looking would be great). Muddle the blackberries and mint leaves together. In a shaker mix the gin and lemon juice with ice and strain out into the glasses, top-up halfway with ice.

Now for the magic, the whole effect revolves around the fact tonic water glows in UV light. Pass around a clear bottle full of tonic water and ask each person to breathe on the bottle, transferring their soul into the bottle. Switch off the lights and switch on your special soul detector light (UV light) and watch the bottle glow, pour the glowing liquid into the glasses and the glasses will also glow - magic.

For another piece of magic, you can create your own crystal ball to sync with the music using a Hue Go and a fish bowl.